Corporate and Business


Robinson Felicia

Felicia Robinson
Web Liaison/ Publicity/Marketing Vice Chair 2018
Member since 2017

Licensed and Insured

Felicia’s Best! Personal Assisting, LLC
(520) 990-4409

Real Life organized Miller

Miller Jennifer

Jennifer Miller
Vice President & Web Liaison/ Publicity/Marketing Chair 2018
Member since 2016

Licensed and Insured

Real Life, Organized LLC
(520) 955-8925

Chilcote Carolyn

Carolyn Chilcote
Treasurer 2018

Member since 2015

Licensed and Insured

White Dog Organizing
(520) 820-8189

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Janis Jill

Jill Janis

Member since 2006

Licensed and Insured

Helping Hands Organizing Service
(520) 795-1064