A Professional Organizer provides information, products, assistance, and systems to help people get organized in their homes and offices. TPRO’s goal is to guide and educate clients about basic principles of organizing by offering support, focus, and direction. Professional Organizers have the experience and resources to help you get organized and stay that way.

People hire personal trainers, life coaches, and image consultants to help them achieve their goals. Hiring a Professional Organizer is very similar. We help you achieve more productivity, reduce stress, and create a new-found freedom and sense of being in control.

A few key signs you may need a Professional Organizer:

  • You feel like there are not enough hours in the day to complete tasks.
  • You want to save money by becoming more productive.
  • Whenever you organize on your own, you get distracted and end up with piles all over the place.
  • The garage is so full of “stuff” you can’t park the car in it.
  • You have boxes you have not looked at since two moves ago.
  • If you have a specific need, go to Find Help to review the Organizers who specialize in the area.
  • Choose at least three Organizers to interview.
  • Determine who will be the best for you and your situation.
  • Ask trusted friends, family, and neighbors for a referral if they have used a Professional Organizer in the past.

Fees may be based on an hourly, daily or project rate, as well as the experience of the Organizer you are contacting, the type of organizing service(s) you need, and your geographic location. Each organizer sets her own fee as each organizing company is individually owned. Additional costs may include purchasing new organizing products.

The amount of time it takes to get organized depends on many things—the size of the space, how much is in the space, how sentimental you are, and how quickly you feel comfortable making decisions. Your Organizer may be able to give you more specific time estimates once you start working together.

This is a personal decision based on your needs and budget. While some clients prefer working alongside their Organizers, others just need direction and an action plan to get them going.

Organizers are aware of the high level of trust placed in them by their clients. They should never do or say anything to breach that trust. Integrity, honesty, and confidentiality are guiding principles of TPRO.

An Organizer will ask questions and make observations and suggestions to help you decide what is or is not important to you. Ultimately, you, the client, are the final decision-maker.

Most people can make progress developing their organizational skills. The keys to achieving your goals are finding an Organizer you trust and enjoy working with, committing to getting organized, and resolving to change your habits.

You can always contact us for assistance! At each visit, we will present you with techniques which will assist you in maintaining order. However, if you ever feel that you need a booster session or are simply falling behind, we will be happy to help. Many clients schedule monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance sessions to assist them in maintaining their desired level of organization.

  • Office has gotten too cluttered to be productive
  • Files are a mess, can’t find paperwork quickly
  • Packing to move
  • Unpacking and moving in
  • Combining households
  • Downsizing
  • Desire to stop paying for expensive storage units
  • Help with cleaning out the garage so the car can be parked in it
  • The need to convert a space from junk room back to guest room for an upcoming visit
  • Children’s rooms are out of control
  • Kitchen is not functioning well
  • Wanting a Feng Shui consultation
  • Help with de-cluttering the home before putting it up for sale
  • Staging a home with Feng Shui for a quick sell
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