Chelsay Chee

Yá’át’ééh (Hello in Navajo)! My name is Chelsay Chee, the owner and founder of Naasgo Organizing Solutions. I was born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona.  My husband and I have lived in Tucson for more than 12 years.

Since I can remember, I’ve always loved all things organization. As a child, my family remembers me organizing or “redesigning” rooms within our home just for fun. Even now as an adult I love spending my free time organizing my home to not only be functional and streamlined, but also more beautiful. Naasgo is a Navajo word meaning “moving forward” which was stemmed out of my passion to help others through professional organizing.

I earned my bachelor’s in psychology in 2008, masters in education in 2010 and my education specialist degree in school psychology in 2012. I have worked within schools as a school psychologist for the past 7 years. Being a school psychologist and now a professional organizer, I’ve been able to use my skills to help clients organize their space while also understanding the mental health benefits of being organized. Purging and organizing a space helps you to feel lighter, less stressed and empowered while also allowing you to have more time and be creative.

Instead of feeling like you are wasting time finding things or feeling overwhelmed by a space, I am here to help! I am passionate about helping others gain more time doing the things they truly love while also “Moving You Forward” to create organized, sustainable and beautiful spaces!