Shanley Ten Eyck

Member since: 2018
Shanley Ten Eyck, Inc.
(520) 940-8174


Shanley has been color-coding closets in rainbow order for as long as she can remember! Her love for fashion began as a young child at her grandmother’s house where she fondly recalls reading Vogue magazine and dressing up in her chic clothing for impromptu fashion shows in the living room. And, Shanley’s love of essential oils began after experiencing personally how transformative they could be on her life.

After 17 years in higher education and witnessing firsthand how intentional learning can change and inspire lives, Shanley decided to incorporate these loves together to better service her clients. She enables them to live on purpose via greater physical wellness, a finely curated wardrobe, and streamlined spaces. By listening to learn, Shanley regularly provides creative insight and strategic perspective to help her clients live their best lives.

Shanley has a degree in Retailing and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Fashion, and is a Certified Personal Stylist by the Los Angeles School of Style. She is also a Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils and would be excited to share more about these fabulous products with you.