Stephanie Rojas

S Rojas
Member since: 2016
Membership and Recruiting Vice Chair
Tucson Home Organizing
(520) 216-4745


My name is Stephanie Rojas. I am a professional organizer who engages families with children to develop systems which complement their homes, offices, and playrooms. I know that we’d all like to find fulfillment in our daily lives, and so we seek the right balance of adventure and relaxation. I believe that to find this balance, you should look around and use that by which you’ve already surrounded yourself. Repurpose what you have. Have purpose doing what you love!

Why do you like to organize?

Through my position as a nanny, I have helped over 30 families in Tucson, Vail, Marana, and Sahuarita. I can take almost any space and, in just a matter of hours, transform the energy in the room from one of chaos to one of routine. My gift is in straightening and tidying up spaces. My favorite moments are when children take part in the process of finding homes for their own belongings and when a child discovers something so special to her that her face lights up with sheer joy and happiness!

How can you help me?

Understanding that I could take better care of the children when their belongings were managed, made me wonder about the enjoyment that the entire family could experience when everything was organized. When you hire me to organize a room in your house, you’ll feel the difference upon entering in to your home, and then you’ll be able to reflect on this glorious life around you!

What’s the story behind your business?

Tucson Home Organizing, LLC started on January 18, 2017, over the breakfast table. With the support of my family, friends, and neighbors, the concept became a business. My loving husband, who consults through his business, Overclock Tech, created the website, the Facebook page, and the business cards with patience and precision.

Can you tell me a little bit more about yourself?

I hold a Master’s in Education as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in General and Applied Mathematics from The University of Arizona. I love reading library books, shopping at thrift stores, folding origami, singing a cappella, listening to mariachi music, and playing pickleball!

May I contact you to get more information?

Thank you for reading about my journey! Yes, please let me know how I can encourage you along yours!