The purpose of Tucson Professional Organizers is two-fold: providing community enhancement through organization and creating opportunities for networking and continuing education for our members.

Benefits of membership:

  • Network with other Professional Organizers in Tucson
  • Create alliances with affiliated businesses such as closet, cabinet, and storage companies
  • Refer business to one another
  • Participate in a yearly volunteer project to highlight the annual Get Organized Month
  • Receive updates on changes in the field, new resources and ideas
  • Share experiences and best practices with fellow organizers
  • Learn from guest speakers at our T-PrO meetings
  • Enjoy being with like-minded people
  • Access membership and industry information via our website
  • Advertise your specialties via our website
  • Offer your expertise by serving on a T-PrO committee
TPro Members
Would you like to join T-Pro? Please contact Membership.