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We at TPRO believe in giving back to the community that continues to so generously give back to us.  The following illustrates some of the ways we have utilized our organizational skills to thank Tucson.

Community Projects | TPRO News

Community Projects

2015-2016 – “Organize My Space”

Download information about our annual pro-bono community project:

“Organize My Space”. Our organizing team will come and organize your space!

Since 2003, Tucson Professional Organizers has been proud to participate in the National Organization of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Get Organized Month. TPRO members volunteer their time to enable a Tucson nonprofit agency improve the overall organization of its space and/or materials and therefore accomplish its goals more effectively.

Our group of Professional Organizers can help you organize just about any aspect of your office or home. Please enjoy viewing these Tucson area projects that members of our group have tackled, and consider how TPRO can benefit you. If your agency would like to apply for the next Get Organized Month, traditionally held in January of each calendar year, click here.

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↓ Annual Community Service Project – May 2017

Pima Animal Care Center Gets Organized!

PACCTPRO lends a hand to animals and the people who love them!
Read about our annual community project at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC).

↓ Annual Community Service Project – Oct/Nov 2011

Supply Room Gets Organized!

↓ TPRO Get Organized Month Project – January 2009


As part of “Go Month” and National Get Organized Month the Tucson Professional Organizers hosted their second annual Shred-a-Thon.

The event was held on Monday, January 12th from 8 AM to 2 PM and all proceeds benefited the First Rate Second Hand Thrift Store.

For a $5 donation per box, documents were confidentially shredded by Iron Mountain Shredding Company, who donated their services for this event.

KOLD TV promoted the event on air and KVOI/KGNT 690 AM was at the event doing a live remote.  The Tucson Professional Organizers showed their enthusiasm and passion for this wonderful cause and, as always, enjoyed helping in the community in any way that they can!

Thrift Store2009 Shred-a-thon

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↓ TPRO Get Organized Month Project – January 2008



TPRO thanks the Tucson community for their support and participation in the Shred-A-Thon held on January 15, 2008.  We partnered with Arizona Small Business Association, Iron Mountain Shredding, and Jet Express Airline to host the event.  Iron Mountain shredded more than 9 tons of paper brought in that day.

Jet Express donated one hundred $25 discount coupons toward tickets on their airline, and two free round trip tickets to the person who brought in the most paper.  Winner of those tickets was Arnold Mendez, Jr. of A & M Shell Station on E Speedway.  He brought in 40 boxes of paper.

Donations of $5 per box – with many people giving more – raised $3500 for The Giving Tree non-profit.

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↓ TPRO Get Organized Month Project – January 2007

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

In sync with the efforts of more than 4,000 organizers nationally through NAPO’s (National Association of Professional Organizers) Get Organized Month, Tucson Professional Organizers (TPRO), donated their organizing expertise to complete a project for yet another Tucson non-profit organization.

This year, Habitat for Humanity was selected to receive the services of our TPRO members for five consecutive days, January 9-13!

Habitat Tucson has been building at the same site, Balboa and Laguna, for more than four years.  There are 25 employees working with Habitat, including those at the construction site, store and office. Eight of these employees are on site, and supervise the construction of dozens of homes.  The bulk of the actual construction, however, is accomplished by community volunteers, who, although often inexperienced with tools and construction, are committed to moving families into permanent housing.

In addition to sharing the values of Habitat, each member of Tucson Professional Organizers is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the volunteer crews. One way we did this was to house the tools they need in the same consistent location.

We spent our time digging through the contents of five-gallon tubs of intermingled screws and nails of all lengths and sorting them, physically separating power tools from other supplies, distinguishing finish hammers from other hammers, and labeling, labeling, labeling. At the conclusion of approximately 100 hours of work, even a new volunteer could enter the supply building and easily find and return materials during their volunteer shift!

Once construction at Balboa and Laguna is finished, and all of the materials are moved to the next Habitat construction site, we Organizers feel certain that Matt Brodie and his dedicated crew will have a firm grasp of the inventory they’ll be taking with them!  In fact, we’re told that we inspired a regular volunteer so much, that he’s made organizing his assigned task every week he volunteers.

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↓ TPRO Get Organized Month Project – January 2006

Pilot Parents of Southern Arizona

pilot parents

We are delighted to describe how we improved the organizational status of Pilot Parents of Southern Arizona.

The mission of Pilot Parents is to provide encouragement and support to families who have children with special needs so that their children can reach their maximum potential. With that in mind, our approach was double-pronged:


  • We reorganized their supply closet.
  • We totally revamped and reorganized their collection of books and videos, dealing with special needs as diverse as Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Major Depression and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
  • We entered all of their resource materials into a new database which can be more effectively accessed by parents. This ensures that no matter what kind of information parents are searching for – medical information on a specific disability, or strategies to become more effective advocates for their children in both the school system and community at large – the resources that Pilot Parents has will be quickly and easily accessed in their office.
Pilot Parents


↓ TPRO Get Organized Month Project – January 2005

Tucson Resident

In 2005, TPRO not only reorganized this client’s home, but also moved it to a new location.  Furthermore, throughout this process, this client discovered hundreds of items that could be sold and transformed into CASH.

TPRO members feel honored to have had the opportunity, once again, to contribute to the quality of life for residents in our beloved city of Tucson.

Before TPRO arrived:
After TPRO members moved this client to the new location: after



↓ TPRO Get Organized Month Project – January 2004

Casa de los Niños

In 2004 we tackled the huge attic storage space of Casa de los Niños. Our membership consists of various specialties which can transform all types of disorganized environments, including this one. It was a challenging project, but as usual, TPRO got it done!



↓ TPRO Get Organized Month Project – January 2003

Ronald McDonald House

During this organizing project, members of TPRO totally revamped the storage spaces of the Ronald McDonald House. Below are some “Before” and “After” photos:
Wrapping Center (Before)
Wrapping Center (After)
wrapping center wrapping center

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TPrO News

TPRO members give presentations to local organizations and clubs. We provide tips and ideas for how to keep your home, business, and vehicle more organized. If you would like to have TPRO present to your organization or club, please contact us.

TAKE A CLASS ON GETTING ORGANIZED!  Ms. Fix-It’s Basic Tool Training for Women & Girls is taught by Jennifer Phelps at Catalina Foothill Community Schools and other locations around Tucson.

Extreme Edition Home Makeover:

Several members of the Tucson Professional Organizers had the opportunity to help one deserving family when ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to town.

Diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, Lizzie Bell and her family were surprised with a new home in February of 2009.  Organizing everything from closets and bookshelves to the refrigerator and kitchen pantry, the organizers worked alongside hundreds of other Tucson volunteers to transform a house in need of extensive repair into a new, clean, healthy environment for the Bell family.

It was a great experience and the Tucson Professional Organizers were glad to be part of such a meaningful renovation that had an incredible impact on one Tucson family.

OK – Organized Kids – Workshops – Free of Charge

Call or email for more information:

Dr. Pam Laubscher

(520) 591-2533

OK Kids:
The creators of OK (Organized Kids) Playshop posing with some of the props they use to demonstrate the four key steps to getting and staying organized. From left to right Jill Janis, Pam Laubscher, and Bea Rector. Organized Kids Workshop is a fun and interactive hour with organizers who work with children and families. In addition to learning the 4 steps of organizing participants learn how to sort by playing a sorting game. Join us for fun and information you can use right away! Everyone is welcome.

Barry Izsak’s visit November 2006:

NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) President Barry Izsak met with TPRO members at Old Pueblo Grille.

Mountain View Retirement Village August 2006:

Jean Slagel and other members of TPRO spoke to residents of Mountain View Retirement Village about getting organized.

Barnes & Noble February 2006: 

Professional Organizer Bea Rector shows before and after photographs from a previous organizing project during a free TPRO presentation at a Tucson Barnes & Noble store.

Voyager RV Resort February 2005: 

Residents at the Voyager RV Resort deal with limited storage space every day so we went to provide organizing tips and address their specific challenges.

Barnes & Noble March 2005:

TPRO members give free tips on how to be better organized at home.

Barnes & Noble December 2004:

TPRO members take a break from gift wrapping at the “Professional Organizers Wrap It Up” event at a Tucson Barnes & Noble store. Members offered their services free to store customers.

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