Constance Meade

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As a Professional Organizer, my job is to assist you in the process of de-cluttering and organizing your home and your life. I accomplish this in a creative, lighthearted and non-judgmental atmosphere. Although I am efficient and work fast, you will never feel rushed. I bring energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas to my work.

I delight in organizing anything that needs to be organized, from closets to rooms, filing systems to garages and sheds, tax documents to small businesses. You name it, and I will organize it for you! I also love to work with elders, and have extensive experience in navigating with my clients the challenges that are sometimes faced when downsizing and/or moving into assisted living.

My approach to working with you is holistic. No one solution is appropriate for everyone. I take into account all the many different aspects of your life in creating space, efficiency and serenity in your home or business. I make sure that the solutions we develop together will be intuitive and easy for you to maintain.

If you are moving, I offer a comprehensive step-by-step plan for your packing and the organization of your move, which will allow you to know where everything is, significantly reducing the stress of moving. If you need help packing, I am an expert packer.

If, in the course of downsizing, getting ready to move, or organizing your home, you decide that you want to hold a garage or estate sale, take advantage of my skill in that area to ensure that you make the most money possible.

I am always animal- friendly.

I have many outstanding references you may contact if you wish, and my professional ethics assure that your confidentiality is always 100% guaranteed.

I love my work, and it shows. You will be pleased with the results.
My service always comes with a smile!

Below are some comments from my clients:

“I cannot begin to tell you what a difference Constance has made in our lives. She is incredibly fast and efficient, and in no way forceful or judgmental. She changed our life and she will change your life, too!”
– R. Johnson, Teacher


Constance has been an invaluable resource during the organization and down-sizing of my craft and sewing areas. She is extremely hard working and has many good ideas to make a seemingly overwhelming chore manageable. Constance is professional, knowledgeable, and her fees are quite reasonable. She is also positive, friendly and a pleasant working partner. After the completion of our current project, I look forward to working with her to reorganize the kitchen. I can recommend Constance, without hesitation, for any type of organization job.

–Nanzie Dock , artist, teacher and craftswoman


“The truth about working with Constance is that not only will your home come into order, but she allows room for your mind to come into order as well. The pleasure of working with Constance is her capacity to move at lightening speed on projects or as slow as needed, depending on the emotional content of the project. At whatever speed, Constance employs integrity and precision.

Constance is a person I trust with the most personal and confidential elements of my paperwork. You are lucky if you get the chance to let Constance into those disorganized aspects of your life!”
– Catherine Adler, Psychotherapist


“Constance is a treasure. She has been a godsend so many times! I met her after my mom passed away unexpectedly and my sisters and I were overwhelmed. Constance was exactly the calm, organized, efficient, and experienced hand of guidance that we needed. She got us through a very difficult part of the worst time in our lives.

I’ve since had Constance help me in my own home. It may seem like a lot of money to hire an organizer, but with Constance it’s well worth it! I accomplished ten times the amount of work in a third of the time with Constance’s help and guidance. Her level of energy and efficiency is truly amazing! She also has incredible experience and insight, a variety of organizing methods, and goes above and beyond to help. Constance is a great listener and while she has definite recommendations and opinions (and very solid reasons for those opinions), she does not force them onto her clients. She truly wants to do what’s best for the people she’s helping.

I highly, highly recommend this wonderful woman as an organizer. I couldn’t in my wildest dreams find anyone better.”
– K.Swaim, Speech Therapist


“What sticks out to me most about meeting Constance is that she came in, looked all around the place, and with complete confidence said, “This does not overwhelm me. This may overwhelm you but it does not overwhelm me.” I clung to those words whenever I felt discouraged or overwhelmed. Not that I needed to, Constance was unfailingly confident and encouraging throughout the entire process, but never falsely so. The first day working with Constance we accomplished more in an hour than we had accomplished in hours the day before. We had such a positive experience with Constance.”
– Amy McElwee, mother and homemaker


“I have hired Constance several times in the past five years. Constance is the consummate professional. She is always on time, she is a very hard worker and she is fair and honest. Constance’s assistance has been invaluable to me over the years and I highly recommend her services.”
– Shauna Weinand, R.N.

“I have had the pleasure of using Constance several times over the past few years. Constance is pleasant, reliable, professional, and very good at what she does. Her rates seem very reasonable. I have used her to organized rooms, closets, drawers, paperwork, patios, and my garage.

I have recommended her to several personal friends and professional associates. Everyone I have recommended her to has been very pleased with her work.
Not only do I appreciate the results she produces but I love that she never seems to think a job is too big; nor does she ever seem judgmental or surprised at the state of disarray she may find. I cannot recommend her more highly. She is amazing!!!!”
– Jill Caffrey, Ph.D.

“Constance Meade is the best organizer we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is honest, smart and multi-talented. Her ideas work and are easy/logical to implement.. I really learn tips, tricks and organizing principles when we are working side by side. Constance is gentle in helping me sort, toss and organize. Sometimes I will ask her to talk me through a decision to toss or save. We have worked together over a year. We organized a storage room, a storage shed and an entire house. Constance has integrity and really is a great organizer.”
– Katie Wong, Retired Teacher