Mariah Ellis

TPRO member since 2016

Licensed and Insured

Company: The Organized Dane

Phone:  520.369.DANE 



Organized Dane

Is your guest room overflowing with countless boxes of family photos and memorabilia? Is your prized collection hiding in the basement because you have nowhere to display it?

Do you always have trouble finding that one important document you need?

From a stressful move to a cluttered desk to a lifetime of memories, turn to a professional organizer who will help you turn your chaotic situation back into a calm and enjoyable life.  I excel in home organization services, helping you develop systems to achieve your peace of mind.

My wide array of organizing services includes Keepsakes and Collections Organizing, Senior Downsizing, Paper Systems, and a Life Binder. When you organize the physical parts of your life – such as packing and unpacking for a move, sorting scattered photos and documents, displaying and preserving your lifetime memories, or creating an emergency file – you will welcome calm and happiness back into your life.

The Organized Dane is licensed and insured. Contact me today to discuss your organizational frustrations and set up your complimentary Meet & Greet session.  Visit for full details.