Chilcote Carolyn Chilcote

TPRO member since 2015

Licensed and Insured

Company: White Dog Organizing

Phone: 520.820.8189


More information about Carolyn’s experience and background is available at:

A self-professed ‘neatnik’ for most of her adult life, Carolyn has been organizing professionally since September 2014. Her primary passion is personal finance. She offers help with:

  • budgeting and money management plans
  • online banking and bill pay
  • preparation for tax filing
  • sorting and categorizing
  • filing systems
  • scanning

Whatever your paper beast is, she can help you tame it! She also enjoys a wide variety of residential projects,helping clients to de-clutter and enhance work flow for:

  • kitchens
  • home office areas
  • closets and storage
  • garages (light duty only please!)
  • craft and garden tools
  • workshop organization

Carolyn has a BA in Environmental Studies and Business Management. She has worked in retail management for over 15 years, in banking for more than 8 years, and in environmental consulting for 3 years. When she’s not organizing she enjoys volunteering at the animal shelter and the VA Hospital, hiking, spending time outdoors with her dogs, reading, writing, music and art.